Creativity, rucksack, and other useful things

So, since the first person drew a mammoth on the wall, we can call it creativity (oooops, I pressed smth and opened an expanded panel accidentally… I am geeeeenius). Creativity is also what others do running their blogs. Some people edit video, draw storyboards, create animation characters, write about their imaginary worlds… Creativity is around us. Obviously.

Combining text and pictures, produced by talented people, ruling the creative process seemed fantastic to me.

As to me, nobody taught me how to be creative. I did art stuff since I was three and could handle a pencil and a paper. My mom told me once: “Your hobby could become your job one day”. Just so happened, all my hobbies are creative: I film short videos, I love handmade, I draw comics and I do creative writing. I truly believe that I can mix all those things in future. There was one thing, though, that got stuck in my mind even before I attended primary school. I always was keen on books and writing. I wanted to become a writer. I wanted to become a screenwriter. And, as a result, I wanted to become a publisher. Combining text and pictures, produced by talented people, ruling the creative process seemed fantastic to me. I remember those days, when I was sitting in front of my old computer at parents` home and making layouts in Word. It was fun… But I was proud when everyone from my family (even my nasty bro) saw what i`ve done with my windows 95. 

If a story is in you, it has got to come out. William Faulkner

…Returning to creativity after my five-minute-selfish-speech. Pretend that here is a rucksack, and you are going to hike. Each member of your family tries to put something in it, what they think might be useful in your trip. What they put is called creativity. Why?

More than billion people on Earth have the same hobby. But each of them, while doing that common thing, brings something new, their own. That is what called creative process.

During three years I have been studying my own creative thinking. I thought: why do I think this way and how to make it more successful? Why do I have passion for, saying, books? Why don’t I have it for numbers and planning? If creativity is everywhere, why do I only find it in specific areas?

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use – the more you have. Maya Angelou

I haven’t found the answer yet. But you can start thinking on this. Perhaps, your will find more answers than I`d tell you.