Christmas is coming! Post-cards from college

postcard1.1 postcard2.2.3 postcard3.3.1 postcard5.5.2

Can you feel Christmas spirit in the air? Winter, my favourite season of the year, is coming! Here are Christmas post-cards, made as an independent project for portfolio class. Just some nice guys wearing funny red-and-white scarfs and “rocking around the christmas tree”. Really enjoyed working on this project.

Hi, I am Sonya and I am trying to be an artist.

Снимок экрана 2013-12-05 в 6.23.00 PM

Once my mom said: Sonya, you can`t be an artist. It is too hard, too boring for you and too low-paid.

Well, it can be low-paid and I am assuming it is incredibly hard. Boring? No way. I admit: I have never been interested in drawing people and scissors all day and al night, and I have never been extremely talented but I was passionate and interested, and I liked watching beautiful pictures, and… yes, I won city drawing olympiads!

After all, art is not only brushes and colours.