The end of the books era… Or not?


I definitely think that books are more important than movies or TV-shows. In the era of new technologies, we usually forget that reading means not just turning pages and starring at words, but also a deep thinking process, which can be only caused by reading.

Amount of people who buy paper publications in book stores decreases from year to year.

Publishing business developed so much since the printing machine was invented, but people stubbornly move to Internet web-sites and read black lines on white screens. Now, when everything is digital and computerized, think a bit: is there anything you would like to keep? Didn’t we step over that “digital” line, where we watch YouTube bloggers, follow political news, and read Remark of Kafka at the same time?

Online publishing is also experiencing a revolution. Newspapers look like real newspapers. Magazines are interactive. If you read “Cosmopolitan” on iPad, it is 99% out of 100 that you will participate in what is happening in the magazine. Personally, I like that kind of interaction. But what about paper publications?

Are paper books outcasts? Relics? Or both?

It seems ridiculous, but when I came in a book store back at home, I was shocked and surprised by the number of people there. Honestly, I saw pretty much NOBODY except a cashier and a consultant, who was reshelving books. “Are you closing soon?”, I asked him carefully. He turned and answered with a forced smile: “No”. Ok, so whats happened? Apparently, people escaped from that book store and preferred to bury themselves in e-readers and laptops. But why?

In my humble opinion, I just became a witness of how paper books history dies…