How to find a job? (part 1, includes tips from a professional)


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, 2001 Warner Bros. Pictures

– Sorry, mr. Potter, we don’t have a position for you right now. Try one hundred years later. 

– But… I`ve graduated from Hogwarts!!

– Still not.

– Avada Kedavra!

Unfortunately, you can’t do so. And that is not because you are not a magician – you technically can kill someone. That is because you are a graduate, sort of a monster among Belles and Beauties, who’ve already found their Beast and… a job.

Why the hell is it SO HARD to find a job for a just graduated kid? 

First answer is: it is just so. Historically happened. Universally admitted.

But you can actually overcome this. You just need some tips, a cup of coffee and a well-structured list of jobs web-sites. Lets get started.

Here are some tips if you want to get a job:

1. Show the right attitude;

2. Build your qualifications (and that means revising a resume, developing personal communication skills, and learning something new everyday);

3. Prepare for an interview;

4. Volunteer.

Sheldon Reisler, a teacher in Broadcasting and Film department at Centennial College, says: “There is nothing quite like formal training. You also have to be good at what you are doing, be able to produce something, to be given a job and take it away, and do it, and come back with a result. So that is one thing. Second thing is that you have to know people; you have to network with people, to market yourself, and impress people with what you do. And then finally, probably most important, you have to be a right person with the right attitude, which involves some other things like humility”.

Part 2: Useful links for searching. Coming soon!