Graphic designers are sighing resignedly: Photoshop is no more a 19th-century-impregnable-lady, which can be only conquered by the bravest daredevils. As well as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and other creative suits.

However, back at home, while studying publishing at the university, I wondered how many stupid and insipid layouts ended up in our university news room everyday. Tones of them, lying on the editor`s table, seemed to be screaming: “Burn me! I am shit, a victim of publishing abortion, I have nothing to do with the real publication which comes out monthly in the UK and France!!” 

Needless to say, graphic design plays a huge role in a total look of paper publications. Although our professors forgot to mention its importance, I still got the idea of good impression that graphic layout can make. Simplicity and complexity at the same time – the journey for the reader starts here. 


Grids, margins, rows, columns, gaps, mixed grids – a good designer knows tones of smarty terms. A brilliant designer knows how to apply them in real life. A genius never uses them.